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I am a student Undip one of the best universities in Indonesia and the world I am very proud to enter in Undip. I was born in a town that small town sort of city Pemalang. less than 18 years ago I was born there not many people know about the city but I am still proud born and grew up there. my home in the village district PADEK Ulujami Pemalang district certainly is not the name of the village in the city but that the village name in rural areas far from Pemalang town. Our family life can be spelled quite affordable job father was a village head nurse she worked at the health center while the mother worked dipuskesmas Ulujami mojo as treasurer there quite a distance from home but they are still actively working for us. I am very proud of them. My first child of two brothers, my sister in junior high school N 2 Ulujami. certainly before as now I also have menjajahi school world, including:

1. SD N 01 PADEK

2. SMP N 01 Ulujami

3. SMA N 1 Comal

4. And now I’m studying in Undip.

hopefully after I graduate from this UNDIP PSIK I could work in leading hospitals and can send my brother to a higher level than me and of course my parents could be happy. Amen.


Posted 23/09/2010 by singgih9971

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